Custom Challenge Coins: Where quality meets craftsmanship

When you talk about custom challenge coins, you always want the best. And looking for the best supplier of challenge coins is always a hard thing to do because there are a lot of things to consider such as quality, craftsmanship and availability.

Our company, challengecoins4less, has been in the challenge coin business for quite a long time already and slowly but surely, we have proven to our customers that we are one of the best in producing top quality challenge coins in the market. We pride ourselves of making sure that quality and craftsmanship of all our products are always met.

The kind of service we provide our customers can’t be taken for granted. Compared to the other companies in the challenge coin industry; we are proud to say that we are better than them when it comes to the following: artwork and designing, shipping and delivery, custom option and customer satisfaction.



We are the only company that assists our customers in the conceptualization part of the design they want for their custom challenge coins. What we do is ask our customers what kind of design they want and we provide them with several artwork designs that they can choose from. All of these we give at no extra cost on their part.

Challenge Coins



As long as the order is made in the United States of America, shipping and delivery will be free-of-charge. Additional charges will only be made if delivery is outside the US. When it comes to delivery time, it takes about two to three weeks before delivery is completed. But it will still depend on the quantity of the order. Orders above the minimum requirement will take a little more time to deliver. Included in the shipping charge is the cost of packaging for the custom challenge coins. Our customers can choose from a variety of packaging for their souvenir coins. We can have it placed in boxes, capsules or bags.



Custom option simply means the different options that our customers can choose from in terms of the metal style and cut design to be used in their custom challenge coins. For the metal style, there are several choices that you can choose from depending on what fits the organization you are representing. Such choices include the following: polished brass, black nickel or polished gold metal. You can also choose to have your challenge coins finished using antique gold, antique silver and dual-tone effect. On the other hand, diamond cut design of your challenge coin can be done in many ways. Diamond cut edging adds elegance to the over-all look of your coin. We offer our standard edge cut design free-of-charge per coin but the other cut designs we do such as rope cut, cross cut, wave cut and oblique cut costs $ 0.30 per coin. It’s so affordable!

Custom Challenge CoinsBut wait! There’s more! Because we still have other coin options that we can offer. Regardless of the style of challenge coin you want, we can give it to you. We have a wide range of options when it comes to customizing and protecting your coins so that they will last for a longer period of time. You can choose to customize the shape of your coins to give them a better impact. You can have text engraved unto the coins to give them a classic look or you can have a more modern 3D effect look on your coin.

Also, as part of our way of protecting your challenge coins, we apply epoxy coatings to serve as protection of the coins. We can also add numbers in sequence to the coins we will produce to let our clients know that they are part of the special group of people that represent the organization they belong to. We can also customize custom coins and turn them into key chains, bottle openers or other souvenir items.



If you order your challenge coins from us, our promise is 100% customer satisfaction. Starting from the initial stage of designing the artwork of the custom challenge coins that we are offering for free up to the final stage of shipping and delivering the order, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

We offer all kinds of challenge coins such as military coins, police coins, fire department coins and corporate coins. Military challenge coins are not just given away as souvenirs, they symbolize the special bond that soldiers share with one another. This is the reason why we make sure that the military coins that we manufacture are something that you can be proud of. Police challenge coins and fire department coins, like military challenge coins, also represent the entire law enforcement and fire fighting unit that police officers and firemen represent that is why we use the same standards of quality that we do with military coins. On the other hand, corporate or business challenge coins are used to give recognition to company milestones or employee achievements.

With challengecoins4less, you will definitely get more than what you bargained for!


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Three Easy Steps in Getting your Patches

Patches are great. They represent your  organization. You can use these on events, or on the uniforms of your employees. Thus, create a design that best describes your company. Choosing the right design and type requires a series of steps, even though the event is a small one or the purpose is for sewing on the employee’s uniform. Below, we compile the step-by-step process so youPatches could create your patch.

Design brainstorming

A patch symbolizes your company, club, group or whatever types your organization is. Thus, it should tell what your organization does at first glance. For example, when you see a red maple leaf patch in a shirt, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Right, Canada. How about a spade in a patch? Perhaps, you would think of a casino.

Indeed, patches create authority. You can use them to increase awareness to people. With the appropriate colors and design, you could come up with a great patch. But first, decide on the purpose because it would be easier to think of a design when you establish the purpose. Are these for a big event? Are these for one time or daily use? These simple questions are not only helpful in the designing process but also in choosing the types, shapes, letterings and other essential things.

You can do this design brainstorming alone or with a team or with our design team. If your boss designated the responsibility of choosing the design and supplier, we can help you. We can work together to create a design that suits your organization. Describe to us your specifications. We present to you our own interpretations based on your requirements. If you like our presentation, we give quotations for you to evaluate and rely to your boss.

Asking for quotations

In case you already created a design, we can give you price quotations. Asking for quotations is now easier with our online form. Use this form to generate a price quotation in a few clicks.

What are the things you need to use our form?
First, measure the length and width of the patch and enter it to our form. The computation is simple. Add the width and length and divide this sum by 2. For an instance, your patch measures 5″ by 7″. The sum is 12. Dividing the number by 2, the result is 6. Thus, the size of the patch is 6″.

Second, select the type of embroidery. We have 100%, 75%, and 50%. Each type costs differently. Since we use more thread in 100% embroidery, this type is more expensive.
Third, decide on the backing. We offer plastic, no backing, Velcro, iron-on and tape backing.

Fourth, provide us the need by date so that we could assess if we could deliver your patches on time. We uphold excellent quality delivery services and finishing your order is our top priority.

Fifth, indicate the quantity. The quantity determines the number of days that you wait for your order. If the order is 10, it may take minutes to finish it. However, the delivery may take longer especially if you are miles away from our location. Additionally, the quantity also determines the price per patch. The more you order the lesser is the price.

Sixth, tell us if it is a reproduction or not. Knowing if you are a repeat customer is important because it would be easier for us to look in our database.
Lastly, provide us further details on your design. You may attach an image or describe to us those details.

Easy Ordering

Once we receive your design, our team makes a digital image and sends it to your preferred mailing address. For faster review, we recommend email addresses. Upon receiving the digital images, we suggest that you review it as soon as possible so that we could make changes if the image does not pass your standards. We revise accordingly.

Once you approve the image, we require a proof of approval before production begins. This proof is documentation on our part. After approval, you furnish an order contract. In here, please specify any pantone color number so we could use it as reference to select the thread. Pantone chart numbers enable us to match the exact colors of your design. This chart is available in your library, or in a retail store. We also have it in our site.

There you have it, our easy step-by-step process. If you have questions, do not hesitate to send us inquiry and we will answer them immediately. Alternatively, you get a free quotation to assess how much is the total cost for a certain number of patches.

You can follow these steps to identify the best patches for your company.


How To Carry Your Golf Bags?

Owning a golf cart would be greatly convenient for those who enjoy playing golf on a regular basis. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such equipment. Carrying golf bags throughout the course of the whole game can be quite tiring especially when the bags are carried incorrectly.

Discussed here are a few guidelines on how to properly carry a golf bag.

For people who do not own golf carts and choose not to hire caddies, knowledge on the proper way of carrying golf bags is crucial. Before anything else, one must familiarize himself with the golf bag being used. Make adjustments as needed to ensure that the bag provides a perfect fit when worn. Bags that appear to be too loose or too tight may put additional strain on the wearer.

Golf bagsThe next important step is to load the bag properly. Many people would eventually just throw their clubs anywhere inside their golf bags especially when in a hurry. Avoid doing the same and keep the contents organized. To make the bag easier to carry, it would help to distribute the weight evenly when loading the bag. Most golf bags contain three divisions for clubs.

Woods and potters should be placed in the top third portion of the bag. Arranging them in this order sets the heaviest objects higher to the point where the shoulder strap is affixed to the bag. This also enables the heaviest part of the bag to be closer to the body, which makes it easier to carry. Long and medium irons should be placed in the middle while short irons are to be loaded in the bottom division of the bag. Doing so will position the lightest load on the base of the bag, preventing unnecessary bouncing.

To bear the bag properly, one must carry it using his or her dominant shoulder. Most golf bags are made with handles. Utilize this feature by using it to help lift the bag and using it as support when carrying it all throughout the game. When lifting the bag, one must use his legs and not his back as this could cause unnecessary pain due to exertion. If possible, rest when needed.

Bags can get quite heavy especially when being carried for long periods of time. It also helps to alternate the shoulder used in carrying at least every 15 minutes or whenever the carrier feels some tension. Do not attempt to carry the bag over one’s back as many amateur golfers would do. Make it a point to keep the bag strap over one shoulder.

GolfFor added support, there are also back pack straps available for purchase to allow more ease and comfort when carrying. Familiarizing one’s self with the golf course and the scorecard can also be beneficial. Some holes could be relatively close to each other and shortcut routes and crossover paths could be nearby. Being aware of these shortcuts would significantly save some time and energy when carrying the bag to get to the next hole. It also aids to put down the bag in strategic areas in order to lessen the time of having to carry it.

For instance, one could place their bag down in an area between holes that are adjacent to each other. One could simply take out the clubs needed at the moment and then meet the bag halfway after a few swings as he or she gets closer to the next hole. This strategy will ease the burden of having to carry the whole bag with its contents throughout the whole round.

For golfers who carry their own bags either voluntarily or by compulsion, be enlightened that the act of doing so is considered a form of exercise and would somehow be a benefit to one’s health. Hand onto the tips as mentioned above whenever carrying a golf bag to avoid uncalled-for strain and to continuously enjoy one’s game of golf.

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Rockbottomgolf provide the best collection of Golf Bags with new features, specification and outline just accessible. Each variant of Golf Bags is designed with the best and high quality materials to cater to any type of golfers.


Why We Need Motivational Speakers?

We all need a little push once in a while. Motivation is one of the most important elements in life. It is what drives and inspires us to keep going even we are facing difficulties and struggles, but there are times when we find it hard to motivate ourselves. This is why we need motivational speakers.

There are many benefits that you can gain from hiring a good motivational speaker, just like the ones in our company. Some of these benefits are the following:

1.    They inspire you.

Motivational speakers inspire us to do the best that we can to make our dreams come true. These speakers share their personal struggles and journey to success in order to inspire us to follow our dreams. These speakers will challenge you to step up and fight for the life that you have always wanted. They will also inspire you to take a stand for things that you believe in and create the life that you want and deserve.

2.    They help you focus on personal development.

Inspirational speakers inspire you to spend time and effort on personal development. They help you achieve self-actualization. They empower you to aspire to be the person that you can be. They use the power of words to motivate you to make the following life changes:

•    Eat healthier foods
•    Do yoga
•    Quit smoking
•    Respectfully stand up for yourself and your rights
•    Be more compassionate and kind to others
•    Be more tolerant and forgiving
•    Show more dedication to your work
•    Honor your word and promises
•    Be honest about who you are and what you like to become
•    Pursue your passion and turn it into a business

Inspirational speakers can help you pursue your passions and be the best that you can be in this world. They help you grow, improve, learn and make yourself better.

3.    They boost employee morale.

If you have a business, it is a good idea to hire speakers for your next company event. Motivational speakers motivate your employees to do better at their jobs. They help you communicate key messages to your employees and inspire them to strive for excellence and do their best. They can offer new ideas that will help improve your employees’ creativity, adaptability, and creativity. Hiring a motivational speaker is a good strategy for businesses because sometimes, all your employees need is an inspirational speech to increase their optimism, efficiency and productivity.

4.    They offer a new perspective.

Motivation speakers allow you to look at things in a different perspective. They offer new ideas and a new voice. They can help you look at problems and challenges in a different light and offer unique and feasible ideas that will help you solve a specific problem.

5.    They push you outside your comfort zone.

Inspirational speakers are capable of pushing people outside their comfort zone and take risks. If you are feeling trapped, it is a good idea to listen to a motivational speaker. A skilled one can drive you to take risks and have the courage to do something that you’ve never done yet.

6.    They offer objective opinions and ideas.

Inspirational speakers, just like our team, deliver speeches that are motivating, encouraging, and objective at the same time. They deliver speeches that provide practical solutions to problems.

7.    They can be good mentors.

Inspirational speakers do more than write and deliver good inspirational speeches. They can also be good mentors and life coaches.

8.    They help you develop new skills.

A lot of inspirational speakers are experts in their industry. A number of speakers are seasoned CEOs, public servants, civic servants, visionaries, computer geniuses, and digital marketers. These speakers do not only motivate you to be better, but they also equip you with new skills.

9.    They are entertaining.

Inspirational speakers usually have a great sense of humor. So, their speeches are not only informative and inspiring, they are also entertaining.

10.    They speak to your very core.

Speakers are so passionate at what they do that they develop the ability to speak to your very core. These speakers have the ability to touch your soul and help heal your emotional wounds.

11.    They increase your self-confidence.

All of us doubt ourselves from time to time. A motivational speaker has the power to give you the confidence to keep fighting and go after your dreams.

if you and your employees need a little confidence boost, contact us. We have skilled inspirational speakers that can help improve your company’s productivity and efficiency.

Our motivational speakers are passionate, influential, and inspiring.

Health and Medicine

Spotting Real HCG Drops

When you’re looking for supplements today, you will find that there are a lot of different things on the matter. Take even the most common solutions out there in regards to health and wellness, and you’re going to find yourself looking into a lot of information. For instance, if you were to search for real hcg drops, you’re going to run into a lot of websites that may or may not be the real deal. Finding the right options is crucial, and if you are truly committed to fitness, and you want to rise to a new level of performance, you are going to have to look into a few tips and tricks that will help you get the benefits that you’re looking for overall.

The Quality of Ingredients


The Quality of IngredientsFirst and foremost, the essence of alternative medicine and holistic properties is that of the quality of your ingredients. That is an absolute that you are going to want to look into time and time again. If you do not look at this properly, you will not end up with a good solution overall. If you want to benefit most from health and wellness, you are going to have to consider this as your priority. Even if you were to come across certain items labeled as real hcg drops, you may end up with fillers, binders and much more. It’s for that matter that you should consider looking into what you’re getting into and how you are going to use the supplement to benefit your overall reach.

The quality of ingredients may seem like a rudimentary thing, but most people don’t realize how important it is to gain leverage within the world of health and fitness. It can be the difference maker in so much different ways and could very well give you that edge moving forward. Without quality at the helm, you will not gain access to the results that you want, guaranteed.

The Brand

Branding is important in this world, especially with so many upstarts trying to make a buck with selling alternatives. The goal here is to ensure that you are able to get the “real” options that abound and nothing else. No fillers at all, and that’s where branding comes into play. Look for companies that have a tried and true method of delivery and have been garnering a great deal of success overall. When you do that, you are going to end up with a high level of success overall. When you go with a trustworthy brand, you will end up with a promising solution moving forward.

Reviews Help Too

In regards to the larger picture, make sure that you continue to look into options that have reviews. Reviews are crucial to understand whether or not you are going to be able to gain leverage within the right arenas. It’s important to look for honest opinions on what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. If you can do that, you will end up with a good deal of success finding real hcg drops. It’s within the reviews that you will get a glimpse into whether or not the product that you want to take is going to help you gain any sort of advantage in your push towards healthy living.

Reviews Help Too

As for what the supplements do, it’s a matter of natural fat loss. The methodology behind the drops is to deliver a push forward within the metabolic rate. The body produces an enzyme that gives you metabolism rates that are high. When those rates jump, fat cells diminish and you gain leverage moving forward. It’s something that is an absolute gem overall, and something that will definitely give you an edge.